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District Governor Santhana Naidu

"New Ideas for Growing and Strengthening Your Club Await You at the District Assembly"

Saturday, October 19th from 10a to 3p
Oak Room, Indiana Memorial Union
900 E 7th Street
Bloomington, IN.

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"September is Basic Education and Literacy Month"

The Rotary Club of Columbus, in partnership with the 19-20 District Grants program, expands the ‘I Like Me’ project to over 1200 students.

For the 2019-2020 Club Grant Project, Club President Lynn Lucas selected an expanded ’ I Like Me’ Book Project for the Club. With the Approval of the District and Rotary International Grant Committees, additional financial support was given to expand the project and time to put in place the necessary fundraising steps to sustain the expanded project. 

‘I Like Me’ is a beautifully written and illustrated book that is individualized with names important to each individual student. The book encourages reading and emphasizes the worth of each individual student and includes a guide for their teachers for enhanced student enjoyment.

The club project goals are:

1) To deliver an I Like Me Book to every Kindergarten Student in a school, public or private, in Bartholomew County- which will mean the printing, purchase and delivery of just over 1,200’ I Like Me’ Books.

2) To include all students enrolled during both semesters of the school year by doing both a Fall and Spring book delivery.

3) To Expand the Project Organizing Team.

4) To include students in the project team to help with different phases through the project with the goal for starting an Interact Club and involving students going to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards . The Final Goal is to have Rotarians read an’ I Like Me Book’ in every classroom where books are delivered.


Sincerely, Santhana, DG


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Rotary unites more than a million people around the world. Rotary District 6580, based in Southern Indiana, consists of 32 Rotary clubs and more than 1,500 Rotarians. Rotary clubs in our district range in size from 12 to 200 members. Our clubs’ programs involve prominent leaders in every field, and our membership represents business and civic leaders of our communities and our state. Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards to have another RECORD Breaking year!
We have 90+ registrants so far for the weekend of October 18th-20th! Rotarians are encouraged to stop by (even if just for an hour or two) and have some fun by spending time with the youth, doing a challenge course, teamwork activities, or just enjoy the Fall colors overlooking the lake and hills of Bradford Woods. OR be a VOLUNTEER for the weekend and get to know 90 new friends! Find more information under the 'Youth Programs' tab above.
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The leadership skills obtained at an RLI event will not only help Rotarians in their Rotary career, but will apply to their leadership efforts professionally, as well. Learn more about our next event under the 'District Links' tab above.
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